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T H E 乂 D E M O N

Aug 8, 2020
Read Rules & Regulation

  • The Official language of Freebieleaks is English.
  • Make sure to post your threads in the correct section.
  • If you will post stuff/accounts in forum first check them that all be alive and working.
  • Search before posting something to prevent duplicate topics.
  • Help out new members if they are unsure or need assistance.
  • Do not Mini-Mod. This involves acting like a Staff Member, saying you're a Staff member, implying you're a Staff member, or acting as if you have the appropriate authority.
  • It's not allowed to share your account or use other member's account.
  • Asking members to leak content from VIP/Staff areas is not allowed.
  • The creation of multi accounts is not allowed, if you do so all of your accounts will get permanently banned.
  • Do not repost content from Freebieleaks on any other forum, it'll result in permanent ban.
  • Advertising other sites, referral links or /short link / similar are not allowed.
  • For your thread (post) select fit letter/word and no many emoji/symbols .
Not open for further replies.